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    Website database



      Website database


      Hi all,


      I run a small engine repair business and I'd like to add to my website a questionnaire which the next question is based on the previous answer. The purpose is to help troubleshoot a problem, kind of a self service troubleshooting system. Is a FMP database a good option for something like that? I can create the database but have no experience in incorporating a DB into a website. My website was made using Rapid Weaver.


      I appreciate any help from anyone.



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          Do you have an example of such a site, you can provide?

          Can you outline the tree structure that such a database would follow?

          Any troubleshooting question/response has to end at some point.

          Symptom / Test / Result / Bring it in and pay us money.

          Outlining this would be the best advice I can give.

          Yes, Filemaker can do this, IF you can visualize this. 

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            Thanks for the input. Yes, I do have it visualized, although not altogether planned. The questionnaire ends when the most possible service need is being determined and returns a cost so the customer can have an idea of what it may cost. An example would be:


            1. Select the equipment (lawn mower, snow blower etc.)

            2. Based on the answer, you are presented with a problem description (won't start, won't drive etc.)

            3 Based on the answer, other questions appear (can you pull the rope if lawn mower, do you hear a noise if a tractor) 


            I have not doubt that FMP can handle such a database, but I know less about implementing such database in a website. Will other programing techniques be needed or does FM provides me with the tools for that? 


            Help would be appreciated. 

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              You have two basic options to consider: Instant Web Publishing and Custom Web Publishing.


              Instant Web Publishing attempts to use your database layouts to create Web Browser equivalents. This can make it a fairly quick process to get your database up on the web, but there are a number of significant limitations. You should have a PDF manual on Instant Web Publishing that installed along with your database that you can read to learn more. This document can also be downloaded directly from the Filemaker Web Site.


              Custom Web Publishing gives you a great deal more control over your web to database interface, but also requires a great deal more expertise and you may find that you need to learn a programming tool called PHP.