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Website design and File Maker Server

Question asked by AA on Aug 25, 2014


Website design and File Maker Server



     I would like to ask how to connect File Maker Database with websites online. I would like to use forms on website (Wordpress) connected with File Maker database structure (relationships etc.) and would like to be dynamic, so users also could expand the content of the database (with their names, age, any data).

     Can anyone explain shortly what are the main steps doing this? Or MySQL probably would be better in terms of users?

     Also something is not clear. How many licenses do I need to buy for this project if I want 1000s of users online?

     1 license File Maker Advance, 1 license File Maker Server to create data structure or 

     1 license of File Maker Adv. 1000s (as many users as we have) of licenses of File Maker Server ?