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    Website links



      Website links


      Is it possible to have a field for websites which will allow the person to just click on the link and it open up their web browswer and take them to that link?

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          Hi sweetcuda,


          Yes you can, if you create a button and use the Open URL script step set to you website field. Also tick the option "Perform Without Dialog"

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            Will this solution work for multiple websites...

            see what i have is a table that will have a link for each product item website. So say you are ordering a few items from a store.... like a transistor, a rectifier and a mercury switch and for each item I have a website, and I want them to be able to click on the website so they can see the price at that website. 



            I have a table for Components (which are the items we are ordering)

            a table for vendor

            and a table for Vendor and components (because we would have more than one vendor for each component and can have more than one component for a vendor plus multiple websites for each vendor). 

            In the component_vendor table I have the website link (or I should say am trying to put the website link). 


            Does this make sense?

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              How are you displaying the component_vendor details to the user, Is it via a portal? If so you place the button next to the link field inside the portal, and specify the field through the relationship the portal is based on.


              It will then open the website for the row the user has clicked on.

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                I am still working on how to display the information to the user. I am pretty sure I will using the portal. Thank you for your help on this.



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                  No worries, from you description a portal would be the best thing to use.


                  do post if you need anymore help with this.