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    webviewer FMP11



      webviewer FMP11


      I would like to put my FMP database on a webpage st my website. Only for viewers. No usage by others.

      1) for viewers - do they to have FMP?

      2) the viewers must be able to search and watch 'repetative fileds" (dutch: herhalende velden) in the record.

      3) what do I need exactly. I hace FMPro 11.

      4) How do I manage to set the databser on my website.

      Thanks for your answer. 



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          - Your web users do not need the Filemaker Client
          - they can view your records in their web browser
          - you will need to set up the security to make sure they cannot see any other layouts, or create, edit, or delete records
          - you may need to make scripts and attach buttons for things they need to do, or for actions they may not see they can do from the web tool-bar
          - although there are built-in tools to enter Find Mode and Perform Search, you may want to add them to your layout to make them more obvious to the users

          You can test the IWP set up from your desktop.  You can share the file using IWP (In File - Sharing) and try logging on to the URL 'localhost:591'

          You can create a link on your website to take the user to wherever you host the file.

          There are many more features available with Filemaker Server Advanced and Custom Web Publishing: