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Webviewer URL Problem

Question asked by MikeHaddon on Jan 13, 2012
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Webviewer URL Problem


I have worked with the webviewer before, and it has worked very well.  However, I have come across a problem I can't seem to fix.  The URL in the webviewer I am trying in this case follows the following format:

Basically, my webviewer needs to append a committee acronym at the end, in the example above, the acronym is HSTBUS

The way I set up the URL for this webviewer is as follows:

"" & CommitteeLookup::WebAcronym

When I run, it comes up with a page loader error.  I can't see the URL it is trying to load, so I don't have a really good idea of what it is trying to load.  When I reload the page in the viewer, I can very briefly see it, and it appears to be appending a quotation mark or double quotation marks at the end, so it would look like the following:""

This clearly is not the correct URL.  With my other webviewers, I end up appending a .htm at the end (or & ".htm").  In this case, the URL doesn't take a .htm extension - but it seems to be putting quotes at the end.  Any way I can get this to create the appropriate URL based on the acronym the user has selected?  Thanks for any assistance.