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Webviewer variable formula error/format

Question asked by wimrippen on Nov 12, 2012
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Webviewer variable formula error/format


     Trying to make formula  like "https://www.xxxx/yyyyy/zzz/[Companies::CountryCode].html"

     but get error.404

     wrong format ?

     It means trying  to get a page where (linked to Companies/Country) and field Companies::Country  I get

     the page of that specific country information.

     So each Company /Country refers to the same  Website where the country information is stored under

     CountryCode  like

     "us" for USA

     "br" for Brazil

      etc etc.

     If I make a fixed formula like above, and doing it without variable like


     then I got the right info for the USA.

     Any idea to make the correct formula ??