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    Wedding Guest Check In



      Wedding Guest Check In


      I need this forums help. I have an idea that I want to implement in my wedding. I want to have the guest list input into Filemaker. From this database, I can see each guest, their relation to myself or my fiance, which table they are sitting in, etc. Once this is created, I want to make it so that the guests can use a more user friendly interfaced version of the database. They can find their name in the database, find their table and then check in. I am an extreme novice when it comes to filemaker. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this? I would like the guests in my wedding to be able to check in using an iPad equipped with FileMaker Go or a laptop with the database installed on it. 

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          I think you'd be better off finding an existing iOS app for this.

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            I have been looking. I haven't been able to find anything that will do what I need it to do....

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              FileMaker can do this, but I'm concerned whether or not you can use FileMaker to do it. For someone that is "an extreme novice."  This is all the more of a challenge if your wedding date is pretty close.

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                Do you know of anyone or any website that I can go to that can possibly do the work for me? Just for my curiosity, what would be entailed in doing this type of project. I've never really used filemaker but i consider myself pretty receptive to software.

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                  Best way to evaluate your ability to design databases with FileMaker is to download the 30 day free trial and see what you can do. There are tutorials and other training materials available you can use to help you get started. We'll be glad to help you out here, it's just that you need to look before you leap so that you don't spend time and money only to be frustrated in your efforts to pull this off.

                  If all you want to do is assign guests to tables and check them in, this can be done with one or two tables, one to list the guests and record their relationship and one to list the tables used to seat your guests. If you want to produce a seating chart for your guests and assuming that your tables are not arranged in a checker board pattern, you'll likely need to use some type of drawing program to produce a graphic "map" of the seats to use as a lyout background for portals that list the guests assigned to each table.

                  From there it comes down to how many additional features you decide you need for your database.