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Week Range Idea

Question asked by AlejandroAlanis on Feb 2, 2015
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Week Range Idea


Hi everyone,

I'm trying to make a weekly report, and I want to have a dynamic drop down list for the weeks I have records on it. I know how to do that, but the text I want to see in that drop down list is the key in this post.

I'm using a field called "Date" that records the date when the transaction has made.

and field "WeekSort" as WeekOfYearFiscal (Date;2) number 2 because I want to start weeks on Monday

So, basically my idea that I need help for, is making a calculation field for the first and last record of WeekSort, extract his date and displays like "Week 6, from 02/02/2015 to 02/06/2015" (from monday to friday)

Is it possible?

Thank you all.