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    Weekly invoice reports



      Weekly invoice reports



           I'm new to Filemaker and just wondering how to do weekly reports of Invoices generated.

           I can do a find on the dates, etc, but would like to know how to script it into a report layout so that I can view the relevant invoice details on a single page as well as get subtotal/totals of dollar values.

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               Please descroibe what you want to see on your report.

               This could be a list of all invoices for a given week or other date range with the individual totals, dates and customer names plus a grand total

               This could also be a list of all items purchased with one row for each type of item with the subtotaled qty, dollars and so forth, also with a grand total.

               The two options would usually be based on different layouts so it's important to spell out what you want.

               Also, please list the tables/relationships involved. Do you have the typical data model for invoicing?

               Customers-----<Invoices----<lineItems (InvoiceData)>------Products