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    Weekly/Monthly Price Updates



      Weekly/Monthly Price Updates


      I am wondering if I can use Filemaker as a database to track assets such as books, coins, collectibles, etc, put a starting price as todays price, then go in each week or month and update that price.  Then have Filemaker show me the increases/decreases from week to week, month to month or year to year.  I would also like to account for yearly cost of living adjustments in the prices.  Can Filemaker do this or am I looking for another program?

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          Filemaker can do that.

          The data for weekly or monthly will be coming from where?

          Will it have a unique idenifier for each item matching your database or will you copy and paste, or enter the data?

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            It could be done......


            If you enter the price Icrease/Decrease into a related portal, Which is set up to add new records.

            Entering into the last line of the portal will create a new related record for the paticular item

            in the detail table. 


            To track the increase/decrease of value a subsumarry report could be set up showing the starting value vs it's currnt value 

            with a field showing the difference. 


            As fot the cost of living increase. that's a new ball game , besides who today gets C.O.L. increases?


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                 I will enter each item by hand at first, I will only track about 750 to 1,000 items per month.  I would like a form in the database that I could enter the item number, then update the price with todays date/price.  Then at the end of the month, just print monthly report and it prints all the items and shows the increase/decrease in price.  Then I would like another report that I could print yearly that would do the same.  Each item will be unique.  The price data will come from sales from catalogs, internet, and customer data, but I can input that or pay for someone to do that.
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                You should be able to simply log each price increase in a table where one record= 1 price change for 1 item.


                Set auto-enter features on date fields to automatically mark each record with the

                day the price change was logged, Get ( currentdate)

                The month it was logged: Date ( month ( get ( currentdate ) ) ; 1 ; Year ( get ( currentdate ) ) )

                Week it was logged: get ( currentdate ) - DayofWeek(get ( currentdate ) ) + 1


                Using a relationship

                PriceChangeTable::cMonth = PricechangeTable 2::cMonth AND

                PriceChangeTable::ItemID = PricechangeTable 2::ItemID


                cMonth is above Month calculation, PricechangeTable 2 is second occurrence of PriceChangeTable

                Set relationship to sort the values by Day price changed was logged in ascending order.


                From PriceChangeTable, Last ( PriceChangeTable 2:: Price ) - PriceChangeTable 2:: Price will compute the change in price from first to end of the month.