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    Weird field copying problem



      Weird field copying problem



        I created a ordinary text field in a table and when I type in data for one record it over writes the data in another.  The field is not global and the table does not relate to itself in any way. 

      Basically it is a table of Product types.  There are twelve types each with their own record. There are 4 fields in the table, one of which lets just call fieldOne is causing problems.  If I'm in the first record and I type "what's wrong" into fieldOne, "what's wrong" will now appear in records 6,8,9,and 12 no matter what was in the record before.  The other fields do not do this and the other records do not do this.  But for some reason I can not figure out records 1,6,8,9 and 12 over write each other's data for fieldOne.


      I don't think has anything to do with relationship because I have another product type table (each order has two products who have distinct types) that is set up the exact same way, related to my products table the exact same way and there is no problem with fieldOne in that table.


      Any ideas would be really helpful.

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             Could be corruption. Try saving a copy as compact first. If that doesnt work, try recovering the file. If you get it working, then export the data into a clean clone backup.
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            Yep, I think the file is corrupted.  I opened a backup from two nights ago and it worked fine.  I'm just going to remove my current database from the server and load the clean backup.  Then I have to redo two days worth of scripts and layouts.


            Any ideas as to how my file was corrupted?  I would like to prevent it from just happening again.  Could it be a glitch in the FM Server, something I did when writing new scripts or data entry?

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                 The biggest cause of file corruption is sudden loss of communication whether it be your server crashing, not closing down the files properly, hardware failure, network, loss of packets, etc.
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                FM Server currently resides on a desk top computer without the optimal software (better hardware has been on order for months).  If it has been more than a day since the computer has been restarted then I can't open the Admin Console.  Which means I have to restart the computer without closing the database and stopping the server.  Do you think this can cause corruption?



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                  Next time try executing command lines. fmsadmin close, fmsadmin stop.


                  You can find more details regarding them in the guide.



                  Also as a side note, the number one thing that you can upgrade for your hardware is the hard drive ( interface such as SAS of SCSI and RPMs ) as it is very intensive on the HD.


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                    Although, I haven't restarted the computer this week and the backup from monday night is fine.  I will look into it. 


                    Thanks so much for your help!!