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    Weird Formatting



      Weird Formatting


      I created 4 calculated fields that work fine.

      I then created a Summary field that tallies a running total of the calculated field.

      I created 4 Calculated fields and 4 corresponding Summary fields.  3 of the 4 Summary fields are fine.  The 4th reads:  "Total: 1234.56."

      I looked at the definition of all the fields and they are all the same, so I cannot explain why 1 has this funky formatting, with the word "Total:" inserted into the field for each row of the database.

      Help?  JPEG attached.


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          Can you upload a demo file to a share site and post the download link here so we can see the file?

          I've seen this before on a table view layout, but can't reproduce it on a test file I've set up for this...

          Only place I can get Total: to show up is if I specify a sub total on a table view layout.