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    Weird gray background



      Weird gray background


           I started a new Filemaker12 database using the Cool Gray Millennium theme, and when I print there's a light gray screen behind part of the layout. It doesn't show up in Preview mode, but it does print. Any idea how I can get rid of it?

           Also, even though I made the layout 8 1/2x11, when I print it part of the layout spills over onto a 2d page. Again, it looks like 1pg in Preview.

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               Parts can be colored - header, body, footer. Click the header tab and choose a color or make it transparent.

               If the body part extends past the page margins (defined in Page Layout) you will get a second page printed.
               Viewing Page Margins in Layout Mode can be turned on and off in View Menu.

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                 I also find a tiny light gray square printing next to a portal on a layout for no reason. I've examined the layout thoroughly and there is no reason for this to happen.

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                   Do these things show when you save as PDF? If so, you could open the PDF, capture a screen shot and upload it here or in an issue report over in Report an Issue.

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                     Nope, PDF looks fine. Here's a screen grab, also showing the layout setup in hopes of resolving my printing issue. I can't figure out where the gray box is coming from. In printouts, it appears (faint but visible enough to look odd) behind the entire space within the margins, except it's white where the two portals have alternating gray and white areas.

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                       Answer to my own question about the mystery gray box is more or less DavidAnders: Click the arrow tool then select the teensy word "Body" to the far left, then view the Inspector. Under "Graphic," select "None" for "Fill." Not difficult, but very difficult to find!