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Weird IWP issue

Question asked by hilary12345 on Jul 20, 2010


Weird IWP issue


I'm not sure what I did but I can't seem to get into my database via IWP. I'm trying to connect to the database with safari from my hosted computer for testing purposes. This used to work, like a day ago. Now, I go to my ip address:591 my database shows up, I click it and am brought to the login page (as usual), I enter the appropriate info. and click login, then I sit and wait while nothing happens, the page continues to load, but I never get in. It also doesn't seem to time out or anything. Then when I try to quit FileMaker, it says I can't because admin is logged in. 

Also note, I just moved to a new apartment a couple of weeks ago, and have a new router. I didn't set up any port forwarding (everything was working fine though) until today when things started getting weird/not working. Also, a couple of days ago I uninstalled filemaker server demo because I couldn't get it to work properly and filemaker couldn't run properly with it on my computer.

Anyways, that's my problem, any help would be amazing! Thanks so much!