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    Weird Problem



      Weird Problem


      I'm running FMP Adv 11.03 on a PMac G5 and am attempting to create a runtime.  I've done this in the past with no probs but this time it's throwing up an odd problem.  I should add that User, everyone and (unknown) have read/write access permissions, whilst FMP is installed in the main admin account although I'm running in a user account.

      Part way through the process I get a msg, 'file is locked or in use'.  AFAICT neither applies, but the process continues and a runtime is duly created.  

      I then open the runtime on the same machine to check, but the file now contains some 1400 records compared to the 1750 or so in the original.

      I'm baffled so has anyone any idea what might be happening?  The only thing I can think of is something to do with permissions, since there has been some data entry on another machine and I suspect that the new records started from around the 1400 mark.  That machine was a Mac and also ran FMP 11.02 (not advanced).

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          Sounds like the file might be damaged. Run a recover on the original copy and see what the recover process reports. If it reports no problems, try binding the recovered file as an additional test.

          Note: best practice is to never use a recovered file, but to replace it with an undamaged back up copy.

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            Thanks for the reply.

            Recover doesn't throw up any problems.  Since I'm relatively new to FMP I'm not sure what you mean by 'binding'.

            The problem may lie with the 'file is locked or in use' msg that appears part way through the runtime build.  I can't see that it is either, but it may be something that has come about when the file was in use on a different machine for data entry.  It was originally built using FMP8 with some data entry using FMP8 & 8.5.  The latest batch of data was done with FMP11 on an Intel Mac.

            I don't want to export all records and create a new file, but it looks as though I may have to try that, unless someone comes up with a better idea.

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              After my last post I dug out an old copy of FMP8 Adv, and used the same file to create a runtime with this, rather than with FMP11.  All files are on a Mac with runtimes created for Mac.  This time it threw up no errors and when the runtime was opened all the records were there.  To my thinking, this points to a possible bug in FMP11/11Adv runtime mechanism, but I'm not sufficiently experienced with FMP to put this forward with any confidence. 

              At least at present I'm able to create a viable runtime, but it's not knowing exactly what's causing the error that gives rise to disquiet, especially when embarking on some major data entry.

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                "Binding" is the process of using a FileMaker Pro file to generate the copy "bound" to the runtime engine when you create your run time. Just short hand for "make another runtime". Wink

                Did you try making this runtime using the recovered file as a test? Recover also rebuilds indexes and if you have corrupted index, the rebuilt indexes in the recovered file may avoid this issue. The "missing records" you report are what suggest this possibility to me.

                The locked or in use error might also pop up if your had the file open at the time you tried creating the run time. All files that are used to make up your run time solution should be closed at the time you generate the runtime system.

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                  For some reason doing it with the recovered file produces a runtime that won't run, with an error msg that it's "not supported on this architecture".  I'm currently on a G5 PowerMac.  I'm doing all the tests on a copy of the original which opens normally in FMP11 or FMP8  

                  None of the files were open whilst creating the runtime.

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                    I suspect that your file is damaged in a way that recover cannot fix.

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                      Sadly that's the conclusion I'm coming to.....

                      Looks as though I'm going to have to export the data and import it to a clean empty file.  Sigh :-(