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    Weird Problem upon adding a field



      Weird Problem upon adding a field


      I have added and deleted fields a hundred times and this has never happened.  My customer database has two tabs.  I added an "Email List"  checkbox field to one of the tabs.  When I check one of the boxes to put a customer on a list, the name(from the value list) of the box appears in the address field, which is at the top of the form, and not on a tab and totally unrelated to this "Email list" field. If I check another one, then that name(from the value list) is also added to the address field.  When I erase the name of the checkbox field from my address field, it unchecks it in the "Email List" field in the tab.


      I went back to my "manage database" to see how the two fields could be related.  There is nothing unusual in their setup, and this entire database doesn't have any relations.  I didn't even know how to phrase this in a search query.  Does anyone have an idea why this is happening?  At this point I can delete the checkbox field because I haven't been able to check anything yet.


      Thank You


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          Go to layout mode. Double click the field where this data is appearing. Check the field name and table occurrence name specified for that field. Do the same check on your field that is formatted with the check box format. I predict that these are two copies of the same field.

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            The name of the field the data was appearing predates the new field by 6 years.  The new field has a totally different name - I checked the fields to see if I had somehow linked them up.  But since the new field was new - I deleted it, re-invented it, and it is working perfectly now.  I will just file that under Qwerks.

            Thanks for trying to help though.