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Weird Problem upon adding a field

Question asked by TerryWright on Feb 11, 2012
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Weird Problem upon adding a field


I have added and deleted fields a hundred times and this has never happened.  My customer database has two tabs.  I added an "Email List"  checkbox field to one of the tabs.  When I check one of the boxes to put a customer on a list, the name(from the value list) of the box appears in the address field, which is at the top of the form, and not on a tab and totally unrelated to this "Email list" field. If I check another one, then that name(from the value list) is also added to the address field.  When I erase the name of the checkbox field from my address field, it unchecks it in the "Email List" field in the tab.


I went back to my "manage database" to see how the two fields could be related.  There is nothing unusual in their setup, and this entire database doesn't have any relations.  I didn't even know how to phrase this in a search query.  Does anyone have an idea why this is happening?  At this point I can delete the checkbox field because I haven't been able to check anything yet.


Thank You