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Weird script behavior....can u help?

Question asked by synergy46 on Oct 10, 2012
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Weird script behavior....can u help?


     I am using FM12Adv in OSX.

     I have a table called Members

     There are 2 fields MEMBERS:: TYPES and Members::ValidType  (numeric 1 or 0)

     Members::Types has these dropdown values:  Yearly, Honorary, Life, Special

     When a user selects one of the values in TYPES, the field Members::ValidType =1

     When I delete one of the Members::Types,  Members::ValidType gets set to 0 in the following script:

     In the script $$MemTypes="Yearly Honorary Life Special"

     When the deleted ::TYpe is NOT found the $$VALUELISTFOUND gets 1 if found.

     The weird behavior is that I have taken 3 member records whose Last Names start with "B":
     (Brown, Baker, Black) and deleted their membership TYPE from the dropdown.

When the script runs it works through the Brown and Baker by assigning a 0 to Members::ValidType.  When it gets to Black, the Set Field DOES NOTHING. I can watch it and VALIDTYPE stays 1????????????