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weird validation... or could it be me?

Question asked by synergy46 on Feb 21, 2009
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weird validation... or could it be me?


I have a single table...


There are cityV and stateV fields for Visitors


There are cityC and stateC fields for Company


In Auto-Enter for CityC I calculated CityC=CityV


This way whatever city is in the CityV field shows in the CityC field.  This works well. 


However, sometimes the CityC is NOT the same as the CityV and the user needs to overwrite the CityC Field.  However, it needs to be overwritten as CITYC=PROPER(CITYC).  If I put this in the "Validation by Calculation" when I commit the record I get:


"CityC is defined to contain only specific values." REVERT  YES NO


It seems like the validation by calculation is looking to perform a boolean function and therefore return a boolean value.  If this is true, is there a work around to do a PROPER(CITYC) evaluation in validation?  If not, why not?:smileysurprised: