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What am I missing.

Question asked by AlexBlair_2 on Jul 3, 2015
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What am I missing.


I have a list of employees  - Name- phone#- id # (Client Layout)

I have another layout with a portal on it. (Portal Layout) 

I simply want from (portal layout)to click from a pop up a list of names, select one name and then have in the portal the remaining data auto-populate the other fields in the portal.

Ex: Choose Smith from Pop up and in the portal his Phone # and Id autopopulate.

The error i keep running up against is that when i choose Smith it selects his name but creates a new instance of him without the remaning data in the Client Layout but if i dont allow Portal Layout permission to create it won't allow data entry in the portal.

I have googled it and looked at Missing Manual, In Depth and Developer Reference and I can't believe this is stumping me..