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    What am I missing.



      What am I missing.


      I have a list of employees  - Name- phone#- id # (Client Layout)

      I have another layout with a portal on it. (Portal Layout) 

      I simply want from (portal layout)to click from a pop up a list of names, select one name and then have in the portal the remaining data auto-populate the other fields in the portal.

      Ex: Choose Smith from Pop up and in the portal his Phone # and Id autopopulate.

      The error i keep running up against is that when i choose Smith it selects his name but creates a new instance of him without the remaning data in the Client Layout but if i dont allow Portal Layout permission to create it won't allow data entry in the portal.

      I have googled it and looked at Missing Manual, In Depth and Developer Reference and I can't believe this is stumping me..



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          Maybe this video can get you started in the right direction.

          All you need to do after this is add fields from the client (related) table to the layout.

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            If that isn't sufficient to get your solution up and working, feel free to post again with a more detailed description of your tables, relationships and the precise task you are trying to accomplish

            Whether you add a new record that copies data from a related record or that simply links to it is often a key design decision to make when creating a database. Either option can be the right or wrong way to go depending on the requirements of your database.

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              Thanks for the quick answers. I think I must have suffered a stroke and gotten partial amnesia as what I want to do I know is very simple and I have two other databases I wrote that use it but the $%#$ I cannot see what I am doing wrong.

              I do have a question and that is in Guy Stevens video why wasn't he using a pop up instead of a drop down?  The pop up will display the 2nd field?

              I am still working on the previous question.


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                Pop up menus and drop down lists are very similar. One can often be used in place of the other, but a pop up menu has a nice feature in that it can show the second field value of a value list after a value has been selected and the cursor is now in another field. A drop down list, on the other hand will show the ID number instead of the name. This assumes that Guy's video shows using a value list that has a customer ID as field 1 and a name field as field 2.