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    what am I missing?



      what am I missing?



       I set up a layout based on STOCKS with a portal based on Transactions.

      In the portal, I placed these fields:







      The relationships is set to "Allow record creation" on the Transaction side.


      Two weird things:

         #1)  Optsymbol will not accept input.  All other fields 'will accept input'.  

         #2)   Tabbing to the end of the portal row DOES NOT creat another portal row????


      Waz up?



      Thanks for your help.

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          Hi synergy46


          to answer your first question, the reason for this is because there is no link setup between Transactions and Options at the point of creating the Transaction record through the portal from Stock.


          You could change the portal to display optsymbol, but under the field have the Transactions:: optionid.fk field that you can enter into, with a list to select the appropriate record. This will allow you to create the record from that field.


          As for your second question, can you tab to the fields at all? Tabbing to a field wont create the record, you need to physically input a value. 


          I hope this helps

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            Thanks for the reply Orlando.


            To see if I have it right, stock::symbl shows because it is on the Stock layout.


            The Transaction::fields show up because they arein the related field to Stock.


            And Transactions::optionID.fk doesn't show because there is no record in Options created for it to refer to?  If this is so, I thought that by checking "Allow creation of related records" in the relationship diagram, I would create a new Options::optionID.pk when I created a new record?  


            Absent some insight from you, I guess the way to proceed is to have a button above the option symbol which when pressed will open a new window and allow for the creation of a new Options::Optionid.pk and Options::Optsymbol.  Then I guess I could create a popup on the layout which would list all the Options::optsymbol.


            This seems like a long way around but it is the only way I know to get this to work.  Or, do you see an alterntive?


            As for the inability for my portal to create a new row;

            a)  I have 'Allow creation of new records for Transactions 'on'.

            b) when I try and enter any values from Transactions, I get "THIS FIELD CAN NOT BE MODIFIED UNTIL STOCKID.PK IS GIVEN A VALID VALUE".   

            c)  StockID.pk is an autoenter serial on Creation....  So, waz up?


            Thanks again!