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What are the risks of a FM database on a shared drive?

Question asked by mmccarty on May 5, 2014
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What are the risks of a FM database on a shared drive?



     I'm trying to convince my manager at my new job to purchase FM Pro.  The concerns are cost and file sharing.  He wants to know why we can't just put my database in a shared drive?  That way he only has to buy a few licenses and everyone has access.  We need about 5 people to have access to the database but not at the same time.

     I know that is not best practice.  But the best practices have some major cons.  Option 1: I can keep database on my computer and then share it peer-to-peer but then my colleagues only have access when I'm logged into my machine. That creates a single point of failure and no one can access DB when I'm sick or on vacation.  Option 2:  We get FM Server, then my colleagues can access the database anytime and we have added benefit of security and backups.  The con here is the cost.  Now  on top of FM pro licenses (colleagues will need export ability so no IWP), we have to buy FM Server license and an additional computer.

     At my previous company we had a dedicated server so I've never really explored the other options.  What are the risks of storing my database on a shared drive? 

     Please HELP!!!  I really really want FM.  If I don't get FM then I have to build in Microsoft Access.  I hate Access!!!