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What are the Snow Leopard problems ?

Question asked by NikkiMcAllen on Apr 15, 2011
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What are the Snow Leopard problems ?


Before I buy I was trying to search what problems are being encountered with using 10.6.6 with Filemaker 11.  (Already I can't get the demo to work.  No text in the 'solutions' templates)

Unfortunately I cannot find a way to search the forum for version 11 answers only because the search engine refuses words under three letters.  I get 636 hits to scroll through even when putting a + sign before the word.

So what is the story with the FM/Snow Leopard troubles ?  Any ideas how I can shorten/focus that search return ?  I'm in Asia paying for internet by the minute. 

Imagine my disappointment when I learned I would have to download Filemaker  a second time when I buy it, something like 12 hour commitment to do both....

So far Filemaker is not a very good experience at all.