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    What are the Snow Leopard problems ?



      What are the Snow Leopard problems ?


      Before I buy I was trying to search what problems are being encountered with using 10.6.6 with Filemaker 11.  (Already I can't get the demo to work.  No text in the 'solutions' templates)

      Unfortunately I cannot find a way to search the forum for version 11 answers only because the search engine refuses words under three letters.  I get 636 hits to scroll through even when putting a + sign before the word.

      So what is the story with the FM/Snow Leopard troubles ?  Any ideas how I can shorten/focus that search return ?  I'm in Asia paying for internet by the minute. 

      Imagine my disappointment when I learned I would have to download Filemaker  a second time when I buy it, something like 12 hour commitment to do both....

      So far Filemaker is not a very good experience at all.

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          I use Snow Leopard and FMPA 11 and I've had no problems. That's not to say none exist. I simply haven't encountered any and I use the program intensively. 

          You could avoid downloading a second time by ordering a hard copy in the mail. I don't know why you would need to download it a second time when you're really just purchasing a license code.


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            Thanks for the input,

            I have a bad bug that prevents me from using any of the Starter Solutions in the demo.  I'm using 10.6.6 and a one line post asking me if I was using  Snow Leopard seemed ominous.  Still waiting for more input on that one.

            I'm overseas at the moment and would take a month to ship a package. That's why a 400 meg download is such a pain. 

            Also thought about the license code thing , but it wouldn't do me much good since the software (demo) doesn't work anyway !

            Appreciate the time, still twisting on the decision.  It's as much the money as the learning curve committing to FM Pro as my provider.

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              Google  "filemaker snow leopard font problem"


              The lack of hits indicate that the problem is not common.

              If you start in Safe Mode (shift key down at startup) and test

              then create a New User in Accounts in System Preferences, logout and login as new user, and test.

              You may find different results.

              Of course the download could be corrupt.

              Running a maintenance utility, such as AppleJack, YASU or Onyx may help.  (font caches can be corrupt and need deletion)