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What are your layout folder strategies?

Question asked by daverd on May 8, 2012
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What are your layout folder strategies?


I am interested in learning how people use layout folders to manage their layouts.  Do you mind sharing?

I am a recent Mac convert who is quite familiar with Access and new to Filemaker Pro.  Access' database container with Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports, and Macros is either logical to me or I am just used to it.  In coming over to FMP, I must admit that I am having difficulty in seeing a logical organization of Tables, Find Sets, Layouts, and Scripts.  I look to layout folders as a means by which Tables, Find Sets, and Layouts can be organized.

Assuming that layout folders does or can organize such FMP entities, I'd like to hear from others on how they leverage this feature.  I am also open to hearing from (former) Access users on their FMP learning curve experience.

Thanks in advance.