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    What determines page load speed in Instant Web Publishing?



      What determines page load speed in Instant Web Publishing?


      I am using instant web publishing so that one other person can access a database on my computer remotely. It is dreadfully slow to load over the web. It is not a particularly large database (750 records with 2 related tables). I'm currently using DSL (which I suspect is the culprit) with upload speed tested at .74 Mbps).

      It seems to work pretty quickly on the LAN, but slow as molasses over the web.

      Any thoughts or suggestions?

      Would I get better performance using the Filemaker Network sharing over the web?




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          The database - imported or pasted graphics, rather than FMP buttons or boxes for interface.

          The hosting computer - dedicated FMP hosting or a user machine that is running other apps.
          The hosting computer - slow hard drive or badly fragmented hard drive.

          Local Network - routers that are 100 mbs (or 1000?)
          Local Network - high levels of network activity.

          Internet connection - upload speed less than 5 mbs
          Internet connection DSL - location at edge of distance to DSLAM
          Internet connection Cable - shared local router is overloaded by some users watching videos online

          Remote user Internet connection - slow upload and download connection.
          Remote user - insufficient RAM and or too many concurrent applications running.
          Remote user local network - high levels of network activity.

          Any, several, or all of these can contribute to speed problems.

          Remote User rather than IWP is generally faster, sometimes.