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What do I need for a client user interface

Question asked by CBD on Oct 24, 2009
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What do I need for a client user interface


Hello everyone, first post here!


Im on OS X Snow Leopard,  with trial versions of FMS 10 and Filemaker Pro 10. I am trying to figure out what I need to accomplish my goal. Lets assume I know the Iphone end of things, although I could use guidance on that too.


I want to develop a client login area for my website, where a client can log in and only view thier own record, and one of my employees can log in and change that record. 


I also want to have a version of this same database that goes to an iPhone.


I do not host my own website though, which seems to be a problem, does this matter? How do I work around it? What do I need to get this done?


I greatly appreciate any help. I am not active on this board, but I make sure to share the love on topics I know about. I am quite good at HTML, CSS and with Wordpress if you need any help.