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    What do I need for a client user interface



      What do I need for a client user interface


      Hello everyone, first post here!


      Im on OS X Snow Leopard,  with trial versions of FMS 10 and Filemaker Pro 10. I am trying to figure out what I need to accomplish my goal. Lets assume I know the Iphone end of things, although I could use guidance on that too.


      I want to develop a client login area for my website, where a client can log in and only view thier own record, and one of my employees can log in and change that record. 


      I also want to have a version of this same database that goes to an iPhone.


      I do not host my own website though, which seems to be a problem, does this matter? How do I work around it? What do I need to get this done?


      I greatly appreciate any help. I am not active on this board, but I make sure to share the love on topics I know about. I am quite good at HTML, CSS and with Wordpress if you need any help.

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          The first thing you'll want to do is read up on Accounts and Privileges in Filemaker Help. You'll also likely find it helpful to click the Advanced search link above and search under the terms "record locking". For examples on how to use accounts and privileges to control what records a user can see and what actions they are permitted to take.


          It is possible, using those settings to control which records a specific client can see and/or edit. A client can be restricted to just "their" records and your employee, logging in with a different password and privilege set, will be able to access all records.