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What do I need to buy?

Question asked by BobKerr on Apr 9, 2015
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What do I need to buy?


I just sent this to pre-sales support. I'd also be interested to hear what this community would advise (it may be less expensive?):


I’m going to need to replace our databases since Filemaker dropped support for Bento (and I'm finding it doesn’t work properly on Yosemite). We are a marketing agency (myself and my wife is all, just the two of us).

We each have a late model iMac in our office, a third iMac is in the house and there's also a MacbookPro Retina in the office which we take out with us sometimes if we are away from the office for extended periods. The three iMacs run Mavericks, the Macbook Yosemite. We each have an iPad (latest iOS). Everything is on the same network.

We currently run Bento on all the Macs and the iPads.

The iMac in the house holds the databases and acts as a kind of informal server. There are five libraries:

A web/FTP access library with 427 records, each record has a single password protected field (same password for each).

A document filing library with 264 records (where things are in the filing cabinets)

A quotes library with 1773 records

An advertisements library with 1358 records

A file archive library (we archive all our files to DVD and this tells us where they are) with 3881 records.

These are all simple flat file databases. They were all initially created in AppleWorks (or even Omnis before that) but I had to move them to Bento about three or four years ago after Apple dropped AppleWorks and it wasn't going to work when we did a hardware & OS upgrade.

Currently the iMac in the house holds all five. We use Bento's 'share' feature so that we can each view and update the 'master' libraries from all three iMacs. (We can no longer do this on the MacBook because the 'share' function doesn't seem to work on the Yosemite driven Macbook Pro but we would like this functionality restored).

We also have the libraries synced to the iPads (although it suits our purposes having them 'view only' from the iPads so we don't sync back to the 'master' databases).

When we are away we take a copy of the databases with us either on the iPads and/or on the MacbookPro, in case we need to refer to them (on the Macbook we just export/import a Bento backup for this, the iPads are already synced).

This setup is perfect for our purposes. However we have to migrate because of Filemaker's decision to kill Bento.

So we're being forced into an alternative solution, probably based on Filemaker (I've been searching since the Bento announcement but haven't found a more suitable alternative, including Tapforms). We would like the same accessibility to our data Even if it's done in a different way. (I've often thought a 'Google Drive' type cloud-based solution would be perfect but there just doesn't seem to be anything like this out there for simple databases; not that I can find anyway.)

I need to know what we need to buy and how much it will cost for the software. I should be able to set it up myself, I'm not into code but am able to get my head around configuring most things Mac.

We are, of course, very small, the databases are simple and we have a limited budget.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.