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What does a "Typical" Filemaker Pro customer look like?

Question asked by nmurphy24 on Nov 13, 2011
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What does a "Typical" Filemaker Pro customer look like?


I am new to Filemaker, having spent many years developing with Microsoft products, especially SQL server.

I'm now committed to using Filemaker, and wonder what type and size of businesses is most likely to use Filemaker, so I can better target my marketing strategy.

I know there probably customers of all sizes and types, and I am just trying to find out what to expect.


Some answers that would help me are;

1) How many people use Filemaker, on average, at your customer's business? (How many'seats').

2) What complexity of Filemaker systems is usual? In order of increasing difficulty... a) Single table or b) an invoicing system c) a complete accounting system (Billing+ General Ledger +Account payable and receivable) d) A custom enterprise resource planning (ERP) system

3) A description of what type of Filemaker work you are typically asked to do.


BTW, I am a member of technet, and have a registered copy of Filemaker Pro advanced....  so this is not an outsider’s survey.


Also, I know a fair amount about both Search Engine Optimization, and Google AdWords.  So if I can help you, just ask.

Neil Murphy