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What happened to my FileMaker language?

Question asked by OddbjørnAase on Apr 17, 2013
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What happened to my FileMaker language?


     I live in Norway where we have to types of Norwegian; "Bokmål" (the most common) and "Nynorsk". I just found out that "Nynorsk" was possible to chose in preferences. I did so (because I'm a "nynorsk" guy), and after restarting my iMac, my FileMaker Pro 12 language was Swedish! Now I can't go back to norwegian. I have switched back to "bokmål" in system prefs, done a couple of restarts (had to reboot in Safe Mode once because my computer failed to restart. Now it seems ok again and I have done a normal restart).

     But the problem is that FileMaker keeps on "talking" sweedish …

     In Finder>Applications>Filemaker Pro 12>Extentions>Dictionaries there is several languages, including sweedish (svenska.mpr), but NOT norwegian. There is one called "User.upr". I figure something might be wrong here - but what?…