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What happens (stepwise) when a "conflicted copy" is created?

Question asked by quirkycrone on Oct 13, 2014
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What happens (stepwise) when a "conflicted copy" is created?


I am breaking the rules. I have been giving access to a database through Dropbox. I have read several posts about this, without finding an answer to this question.

I note instances of "conflicted copy" in the Dropbox.  Sometimes I have even been able to watch them happen.

I'd really like to know what sequence of action filemaker takes when a table in open and another user opens it from OS.

Say I have an instance of the database open, but idling (no data entry going on), and someone else opens the database and starts entering data.  My presumption would be that this new User would probably open a "conflicted copy" instance of the database.  If they close the database, does the additional data now reside "only" in the conflicted copy?  Or does Filemaker attempt to merge the new data back into the copy that is "idling/"

Trust me, I know you are going to say I need to use "remote access."  That does not stop me from wanting to know what transpires without it. Given the peculiar collaborative system of my work with my client, this problem is likely to rear its ugly head on occasion.I really need to know what is going on when a file shows up as "conflicted."

Thanks in advance.