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What happens if Client forgets to close DB (non-server)?

Question asked by MatthewLondon on May 22, 2013
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What happens if Client forgets to close DB (non-server)?



     I'm running a small network with FMPro12 (non-server) running on a file server and two or three clients connecting using FM's built in sharing. Occasionally one of the clients will a) Close their laptop with the DB still open and leave the office or b) Close their laptop and put it to sleep without closing the DB

     I try to manually close the DB on the server each night to perform a backup.

     My question is what is the potential danger of the client not closing the DB? I assume that each time a change is made to the client DB it is automatically written to the host DB sitting on my file server, correct? So theoretically it should not be a problem, but would like to know from those with more experience.

     Thank you.