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What happens to a Closing Script if Filemaker crashes?

Question asked by Polarpro on May 19, 2010
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What happens to a Closing Script if Filemaker crashes?


Hey there,


When one of my users closes a Filemaker file or quits Filemaker completely, a Closing Script runs and gathers information that got stored in global variables while the user was working on Filemaker.


I wonder now what happens if Filemaker does not get closed a proper way; for example if a client computer crashes, or (and that happens quite often) if a user sends his machine to sleep before going to lunch. When he starts his computer again he usually sees the Filemaker icon at the bottom bouncing up and down like a Jack Russell terrier and gets a message like "The connection to Filemaker Server got interrupted..."


To me it seems that scripts that run and gather information when closing the file are not a very safe thing. What needs to be considered?


Thanks for your input!