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    What is /*IsEmpty ( Member_data::E_Mail )*/ for?



      What is /*IsEmpty ( Member_data::E_Mail )*/ for?


      I saw this syntax in an If statement in a script. Can someone explain what the asterisk and slash is for?

      /*IsEmpty ( Member_data::E_Mail )*/

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          The script or step has been copied nd likely pasted from a different context. If you're sure of what you want, simply remove the instances of "/*" and everything should be fine. But be sure!



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            /* */ are comment brackets. You can include explanatory text in them and FileMaker will ignore it when evaluating the expression. When you import an expression as part of Import Scripts or Import Records (with the new table option) or copy and paste script steps or fields from another source. Any that will trigger a syntax error due to not being able to find  table or field in the location where you imported it, will be enclosed in comment brackets (As Rick Whitelaw explained). This is to make it easier for you to find and correct them after the import.