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What is Filemaker shareName?

Question asked by JHHowland on Mar 21, 2015
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What is Filemaker shareName?


I am using Filemaker 11 Advanced and need to make some script modifications for "Client" side use.

I am saving a record as a PDF file, sometimes as HOST and sometimes as CLIENT.  I am using the "Save Records as PDF" script element.  No problem with the HOST side (file:Reservations/Reserva.pdf).

However, this doesn't work for the CLIENT over the FMP Network connection.  Since the solution will be run on many different customers computers I need to "Set Variables" for the various file path elements.

After opening "Specify output file, there is an example shown as: "Network Path" and the File Path Format is: "filewin://computerName/shareName/directoryName/fileName".

I can resolve everything with exception of "shareName"?  I can't get anything from the Filemaker Knowledgebase when I do a search and there is nothing to be found in Filemaker Help.

What is shareName and how to I find/define it?