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    What is the best way ....?



      What is the best way ....?


      I am creating a 'demo' version of my application.  It has 2 tables:  customers and invoices.


      I want to only allow 5 customer entries.  Trying to add more, will result in a 'dialog'.


      Question: "Do I need a startup script that asks something like "If Recordnumber(Customers)>5 then 'Dialog' " ?


      Or is there a better way?




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             I think a better way would be, instead of a startup script, a script triggered on Enter (of the relevant field) after 5 records, that brings up a dialog that gives the user a choice of exiting the application, continuing to "view only" the data already entered (which would not re-trigger the script), or buying the product. The obvious alternative is if the user continues to view but also tries to create new records he/she can be endlessly entertained by your dialog popping up on each attempt. Of course you could go further and track the message choices . . . .