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What is the best way to update product prices?

Question asked by starstuff on Jul 5, 2015
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What is the best way to update product prices?


Hi All!


i like to update the product prices right inside the LINE ITEM, so far i was able to do this manually using a button with a script

Replace Field Content [No dialong; PRICING_PRODUCTS::price ; LINE_ITEM::price]


The problems im encountering is that

1. if i have a product in the LINE ITEM that has no prior record in the PRICING_PRODUCTS, it wont commit the product and price, so if i add the same product, the price is still blank. How to do this using script?


2. i would like this to be automatic, so if i change the price in the LINE ITEM, it will automatically change the price in PRICING_PRODUCTS, How to do this?


Thank you!