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What is the FMP calculation order?

Question asked by ronm on Apr 20, 2012
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What is the FMP calculation order?


The values i'm storing are out of step with calculation field whose value i want to store. The calculation involves the Sum of values from 2 portals.

What is FMP calculation order? Is a Record Commit script step done before a calculation field sum is executed?

i have a calculated field, sale::outstanding, that subtracts a sum of values in two portals and dispalys it:

sale::outstanding= Sum(sale items::amount)-Sum(transaction::amount)

the displayed value is always what i expect as i test it.

i have a script trigger On Record Commit that takes this value and stores it in a field:

Set Field [sale transaction:amount;sale::outstanding]

the stored value rarely matches what is displayed, it's value is one step behind what is displayed. it's out of sync.

any ideas as to why this is?

how do i force a sync?