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    What is This?



      What is This?


      What is this?

      Due <<Time Frame>>
      <<Tasks Remaining Number>> <<Task Label Plural>> Remaining

      Where do I find how to create and edit this kind of element in layout

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          <<Time Frame>>

          entries are called merge fields. You can add a text block to your layout with the text tool and select Merge Field... from the insert menu to insert a reference to a field into the block of text. In browse or preview mode, <<Time Frame>> will be replaced by the value of the field so it can be a nice way to set up a kind of "form letter" display of your data on the layout.

          The result is "read only" you can't edit the values directly in this block of text and while you can apply data formatting to this text block, you can only apply one data format for each data type to the entire block of text. This can create issues when you have two number type merge fields in the text block and they need different number formats.

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            That's great - thank you Phil - makes sense now