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What is wrong with my calculation?

Question asked by TechsupportLito on Dec 18, 2013
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What is wrong with my calculation?


     Quite new at using FileMaker so this may be a real beginners question but i have to get this working.


     I'm trying to calculate a file path from the files name and there are two kinds of files.

     One type of file is always named like this, 01-23456.jpg and the other one i always named abcd_123456.jpg. These images are located in two different folder structures and i need to calculate where they are.

     If i make two different calculations like this.

     If ( Left (img1;2)    ≥    0 ; settings::path_image_display & "MyFolder1/" & Left ( img1 ; 2 ) & "/" & img1  )


     If ( Left (img1;5) =  "abcd_"; settings::path_image_display & "MyFolder2/" & Left ( img1 ; 9 ) & "/" & Substitute ( img1; "_M" ; "" ))

     they do both work just as i want them to. But since i don't know in advance what type of image field img1 will be i do need to make a combination of these two calculations and this is what i have come up with so far.

     If (img1 ≠ ""; 

     Case ( If (Left (img1;2)   ≥   0  ; settings::path_image_display & "MyFolder1/" & Left ( img1 ; 2 ) & "/" & img1) ;
     If (Left (img1;5) = "abcd_" ; settings::path_image_display & "MyFolder2/" & Left ( img1 ; 9 ) & "/" & Substitute ( img1; "_M" ; "" )) ))
     As you can see i have also added a rule that this will only be calculated if the field has an value. 
     The combined calculation works just fine if an abcd_123456.jpg image is entered in img1 but when i enter 01-23456.jpg the value returned is none and i just can't figure out why.
     My calculation is set to be returned as text.

     Any help is appreciated!!