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What is wrong with this Script

Question asked by gsbilsky on Feb 10, 2010
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What is wrong with this Script


Table one: BankData

     Fields:  BankPayee - Text

                BankReportPayee - Text


Table two: Payees_W_Cats

      Fields: WherePayee - Text

                 Reporting Payee - Text


BankPayee is a long string of text numberic and dates

BankReportPayee is Blank


WherePayee is a short string contained within Bankpayee

ReportingPayee is that data I want to post to BankReportingPayee


 I tried this Script.  It runs, but does not update BankReportingPayee


Set Field[BankData::BankReportPayee; If ("*" & BankData::BankPayee & "*" = Payees_W_Cats::WherePayee; Payees_W_Cats::ReportingPayee ; "")


What did I do wrong?