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    What makes my file so large?



      What makes my file so large?


      What makes my file so large and how can I get it down to a size that I can attach to an email?

      I have a file with 18 tables.  The 18 tables have a total of about 19,000 records.  No photos, just data.  Is that a large file?

      When I first checked it was 41 MB.  After Save a Copy as "compacted copy" it was 36.8 MB.  When "zipped" on a Windows computer it got down to 26 MB..  

      But my client could not send me the file attached to an email because her email program has a limit of a 25 MB attachment size.

      Is there a way I can pare down the file?  Or should I not be sending big files via the internet?

      Any ideas would be appreciated!  Thanks.