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    What password??



      What password??


      I'm new to FileMaker and created a small learning project. Basically defined the data structure and a relationship. I closed the file, had dinner and when I try re-open it I'm asked for an Account and Password. I don't recall setting one up. I've tried all the regular passwords and even some obscure ones, searched the Keychain all to no avail.


      Is there a way to get into the file if I don't know the Password?


      Assuming I'm not going to get passed it where do I find the controls to turn the darn Account and Password requirements OFF when I build and new file?


      Thanks for your help. 

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          Try Admin with no password.


          if you get in, you can go to File > Manage > Accounts & Privileges...



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               Thanks for the solution, I sure appreciate your help.
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              So, I have a problem just like Radio; I run the a file, the popup appears asking a user and password, again never needed one before nor was one set up on it, and the only way to access it is through guest which is uneditable.  I tried your the solution of typing "Admin w/ no password" you gave and it didn't work for me.  Could there be another way?  Could it be a different problem all together?





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                Thank you for your post.


                If Admin with no password doesn't open the file, then you will need to go to a recent backup.  FileMaker will not restore passwords (unless by court order).



                FileMaker, Inc. 

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                  Installled FMP 10 last week, upgraded from 8.  Worked great for about five days and then this happened


                  Tried the idea of opening up a backup and resetting the File Options and the Accounts and Privileges.  File closed and when you try and open up it is right back to the request for a password.  New password that that was entered minutes ago has no effect.  


                  Tried the admin / guest options  and that would not work so.......




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                    Do you have more than one database, with different account names/passwords for each?  It could be that one database opens another, requiring different credentials.


                    Also, 'File Options' is not the place to change the account name and/or password.  It is only to specify the account name & password, which has already been created in the Account & Privileges window, when opening the file.  Unless you don't care about security of the database, it's usually best *not* to specify an Account Name/password in 'File Options'.


                    And finally, make sure you aren't using cap locks when entering the password.  They are case-sensitive.

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                      Three different DBs, all with the same accounts and privileges, not related


                      The "changing password" appears to occur in the Accounts & Privileges window.   If I enter a five character password , click the series of OK buttons and reopen  the A&P control,  the account now shows a 20 character (*) series as the password.. which may be irrelevant to the real issue.


                      The changing password prob does not occur while working through the day, frequent saves etc.  Even if I restart the cpu and start working with FMP again, passwords are retained.   The problem happens when the machine is shut down, usually over night. and restarted  the next morning.   FMP will start asking for passwords and will not accept what worked  the previous day.  Backups sometime open with previous password sometime not.  Not really a place I want to be.


                      Will not shut the CPU down tonight, just put it to sleep and see what happens in the AM.  Not really a solution but too much time is being wasted.  





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                           Yes,.. I've this same problem.... I can't recall my password that has 20 characters.  I roughly remembered that my password is much much shorter.  I'm trying to figure it now but as of now, no avail.
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                          I've seen cases where hidden file corruption triggered spurious password requests (a file reference would trigger the opening of a different file that had a matching account name/password but would ask for the password anyway.)


                          See what happens when you recover the file. If the recovered file works OK, replace with an undamaged back up file if you can.


                          In my case, I eventually had to rebuild the entire file as the recover wasn't able to fully repair the file.


                          Since you mention three files, are they linked in some way? (Are there buttons that will take you from one file to another or layouts that reference data in the other file...)


                          If so, then maybe one of your files is damaged.


                          PS. FMP will show all passwords with the same number of bullet characters in the Accounts & privileges dialog. This is normal behavior.

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                            One of the nice things about using Macs, is the ability to save the passwords for databases in your Keychain.  Then, if for some reason, you forget the password, you can retreive it from your Keychain.


                            I also remember using a utility for Windows that would 'uncover' the passwords hidden with the • or * symbols, but I never the need to try it on Filemaker - and it's been many years since I had it.

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                              WnPass wrote:
                              If I enter a five character password , click the series of OK buttons and reopen  the A&P control,  the account now shows a 20 character (*) series as the password.. which may be irrelevant to the real issue.

                              The number of asterisks shown is unrelated to the actual length of the password. I believe this is a security feature.

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                                I am having a similiar problem.  I recently upgraded from FM6 to FMP11.  Most of the databases converted with no issues, but one keeps asking me for a name and password when I try to open it.  I checked the old file and there is no password or security of any kind set in FP6 that I can find.  I can find no combination of our normal usernames/passwords that will open it in FP11.

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                                  1) See if you can open it using admin for the account name and leaving the password box empty.


                                  2) Try recovering the file first, then convert the recovered file.

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                                    After using FM7 for years, having converted from FM2 I've always had to use guest access to my files because my old password didn't work. Finally, having created anew file that wouldn't open as a guest I found and tried your option 1--admin as account name and no password and it worked! Many thanks for that!