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what to anticipate transferring data from microsoft access

Question asked by ismeta on Oct 7, 2011
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what to anticipate transferring data from microsoft access


Hello Knowledgable People,

I work for a small non-profit that would like to upgrade from a PC using Windows XP to a new Mac laptop.  The challenge we are having is anticipating how much chaos will ensue in transferring the data from Microsoft Access 2000 to Filemaker.

We are a member-based organization and use Access to track individual contact information; membership join date, renewal and expiration; and some personal information:  ex) professional training, area of expertise, etc.

I am tracking expiration dates, creating mail merges, labels, etc.  Basic functions at this time, and could expand to other functions in the future.

It seems the database software is the only information that will not transfer directly to the Mac - all other files aren't a problem.

Does anyone have experience with this and can offer some advice/tips/warnings or other options?  Loading Windows onto a Mac just to use it for Access seems excessive.  

my many thanks