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    What triggers 'Calculated Value'?



      What triggers 'Calculated Value'?




      (Pretty basic question i think, but in the knowledge-base i only found something on FM3.)




      File A:

      Field1: (calculation) gets a value from File B

      Field2: (text, calculated value) writes "Yes" if the value in Field1 is >0



      Field1 populates correctly, but Field2 does not update (FYI: these are existing records, but have no value yet in Field2)


      I use this Field2 to filter records in a portal, therefore i cannot make Field2 a calculation-field (as i cannot index it).


      Is there a solution to this situation?




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          Is field two a text field that auto-enters a calculated value?


          If so, I believe you'll need to either script something that triggers an update of field 2 everytime field1 updates or replace it with a calculation field. (The calculation will be unstored, which may be why it wasn't set up that way in the first place.)

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            Thanks PhilModJunk (again),


            Yes, Field2 is a text field that auto-enters a calculated value.


            I don't think that i can trigger a script on a field-value-change (i'm on FM9).


            I originally had Field2 set as a calculation field (preferred, most reliable) but then the result of the filter was wrong (actually it is empty) as i cannot index an unstored calculation. (i used the value "Yes" in a global field of a different file that i linked to TablA-Field2)


            Is there another solution (i would imagine that this is a common issue)?




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              In older versions, you can trigger scripts, we just didn't call them script triggers :smileywink:


              In the older versions you can "trigger" a script by: clicking a button, opening a file, closing a file.


              I don't have any really clever solutions here, (Perhaps someone else does :smileywink: ), but sometimes you can sneak in some updating code into another script that the user has to trigger (with a button click or by closing the file) before they can leave the layout where they may have edited the value. Alternatively, you can do the same update trick when a script is triggered to display or use this value.


              This is one of the reasons why I frequently hid the task bar in older solutions and added my own button for navigating through records and layouts in "pre-10" databases. Those buttons often performed a script that included steps that managed issues such as updating a related field or calculation that couldn't be automated through other means.

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                StPeter wrote:


                Field1: (calculation) gets a value from File B




                can we know that calculation ?

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                  Of course Daniele (happy with any help! :o) )


                  FileA (p_auftrag):

                  Field1 (p_auftrag::Inv_pending): (calculation field) p_auftragart::SUM_Inv_pending

                  Field2 (p_auftrag::Inv_pending_flag): (text, calculated value) if(Inv_pending>0;"Yes";"No")


                  "Inv_pending" retrieves its information correctly from FileB (p_auftragart).

                  "Inv_pending_flag" simply doesn't want to reconsider its value.


                  Does this help?

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                       p_auftragart::SUM_Inv_pending is a summary field ?
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                         yes indeed