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    What's going on???



      What's going on???


      I’m a hobbiest and newbie to Filemaker.

      I just purchased FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced and started developing my first database.

      When I returned to continue working on it I received the dialog shown in the screen shot below.

      I don't recall requiring an Account Name and Password to open the database.

      I have no idea what the password is supposed to be and I've tried everything I can think of to no avail.

      So I started over creating another database, exactly the same as Address Book, but I named this one Nu Address Book.

      When I launch Nu Address Book to continue working on it I get that same dialog asking for a Account Name and Password.

      Would uninstalling and then re-installing FMP solve this issue?

      I'm really frustrated and don't have any idea what I did to cause this situation.

      I would appreciate any help.

      Thanking you in advance,











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          Try changing the Account Name to Admin and no password.  It is a default thing Filemaker Pro does.  Freaked me first time. 

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            Thanks, that did the trick!

            So I have another question...

            Is there anyway to find out what password is/got associated with Account Name Jerry?

            Assuming I were to find it out I could then change the password to something I preferred.

            During the installation I have no recollection of creating a password.

            Any ideas?

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              Go to File - Manage - Security (FM 11, anyway) and you will see all of the accounts that you have created.  Jerry will not be one of them.  When you installed FM it asked you for your name (and company, probably) and you typed 'Jerry'.  Filemaker uses that as the default name to suggest when offering the log-in dialogue.  You can change that if you want in Edit -> Preferences -> General (all FM11 references).

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                BTW, open File Options from the File menu for each file. They should be set to automatically enter admin as the account name and no password. As long as you do not use Manage | Security to change the security settings and this option is set in File Options, a file should not ask you for a password when it opens.