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What's the best way to find records

Question asked by brian.curran on Jul 5, 2011
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What's the best way to find records


Hi all,
In the main, I have 3 sets of customer addresses:


The set that will be used/searched most is Sites so I would like to add a Portal so that we can search alphabetically, click on a Site name and then have that record load up on a multi-tabbed Dashboard.

The portal setup wouldn't let me choose the relevant table as the layout is based on the same table (I think). So I created a duplicate TO and linked it to the original using the primary key. This allowed me to add a portal with a list of company names. (I will need to filter this to only show Sites later)

The bit I'm stuck on is how do I get the clicked portal entry to fire a Find script or something similar to display the relevant record?

Any suggestions or advice would be great, many thanks...