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What's the current list item value?

Question asked by MorkAfur on Mar 17, 2015
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What's the current list item value?


Does FMP have a way (function, etc.) to determine what is the currently "selected" list item?

For example, say I have a list based on either the List() function or a SQL and that list has multiple values. If the user puts their cursor on, say, the third item in the list, does FMP have any way to know which item this is? The user could pick any list item in the interface.

This is just user interaction. No loop counter, etc., which would make things simple.

In an OO implementation (not needing to figure out which 'external' functions to use), a "list" object might have a built-in method (function) like "getCurrentIndex()" or something like that you could then use to extract the value.

Just wondering.

- m