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What's the FMP Way for users to add many-to-many links?

Question asked by Rillaith on May 20, 2010
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What's the FMP Way for users to add many-to-many links?


Version: FMP 10

Experience level: Strong SQL background, but still fairly new to FMP and the FMP way of doing things



I hope you good folks can help point me in the right direction here - I've got a problem that I don't know how to solve in an FMP way - and don't know the right terminology to hit on an answer through Google or in the manuals.


Essentially, I need to know the FMP Way to allow an end user to open an existing record in one table, and add a relational link to an existing item in another table by searching for matching records and selecting the correct one. It's a many-to-many relationship, so I can't just create a new record from one side of the relation and have it work.


E.g. (simplified example) If I have a table of Magazines, and a table of Writers, and my user needs to link all the Writers who have a piece in a Magazine. I think I need to view the Magazine record, and then pop up a window to ask for firstname & surname of the Writer, do a find, present the matching records, and allow the user to select which one they want to link, at which point I record the WriterID & MagazineID in a linking table.


I have seen reference to being able to do the popup window & find bits in the scripting docs, but I don't know at all how to present the user with several matching records, and allow the user to choose which of those records will be linked back to the original record. Any help - even if only pointing in the direction of the appropriate methods - gratefully appreciated.