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What's the simplest way to go to a specific record

Question asked by AdamPWSmith on Jan 21, 2010
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What's the simplest way to go to a specific record


I have two layouts in two custom sized and positioned windows - one is a detailed view of a record about a person (details) and the other is a list of those people sorted by a status field (status). I want to be able to select a record in the status window and go that record in the details window.


I've seen solutions involving self joining tables, but I'm not quite at the level that I'm comfortable working with those kinds of relationships. I created a global variable to store the current record's primary key field and it seems that I ought to be able to switch to the other window and then navigate to the record with that value, but I can't find any way to do that. Is the only way to do this really a self join relationship and the Go To Related Record route? It just seems so much more complex and involved than is really necessary.


Please assume my knowledge level is basic at the moment. I'm using FMPro Advanced on Snow Leopard