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    What's up with page setup.



      What's up with page setup.


      I'm just a rookie, but can someone help me understand page setup? When I make a page setup (from the "file"- "page setup" menu) for one layout it effects all of them. Is there a work around? Can I set a printable page setup for different layouts? 

      Thank You.


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             You can script it so that when it goes to print from a certain layout, it changes the page setup.
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            Dear mr_vodka,


            I just came across this thread, which describes my exact situation (I am also very new to FM). I'm sure your answer about scripting is exactly what I need to do, but I'm just not sure how to do it.


            In my database I generally only print out 4 by 6 index cards with individual records.


            But occasionally I need to print out a report that needs to be on an 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet. If I create a Script for that report with those print settings, will I then need to add steps to the Script for the index cards to change the settings back? In other words, does every layout need to have its own Script to adjust the page setup?




            Thanks, Tess

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                 Each layout doesnt "have" to have its own page setup... But if you have differetn sized layouts that you want to print on different size paper then you should have it in your script to set the page setup prior to printing.
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                Dear mr. vodka,


                I see what you're saying, and I will definitely follow your advice. I have already added Print lines to the relevant scripts.


                I think the thing that was confusing (and is still confusing me) is that I wasn't actually trying to print anything when I noticed that there was an issue. I was just looking at one of my layouts in Preview Mode and most of it wasn't visible because it was sized to a 4 by 6 index card, the size I use for a different layout. Apparently in Preview Mode FM defaults to the paper size that was used the last time I printed something?


                Anyway, I do appreciate your help, and adding Print (restore) to my scripts will make sure my users get exactly what they need.



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                     If you see the wrong printer setup when you preview a report, you can also select Printer Setup from the file menu to correct this manually.