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    What's up with the page margins?



      What's up with the page margins?


      Hello again,

      I know I am just a Rookie and I should already know this. Anyways, I don't understand the page margins (the heavy squiggly lines). I thought the "page setup" is what determines the print areas. I have the "page setup" for a 8x11 which works when I print it from layout A, but when I print from another layout it will not let me print the text on one page. It prints out one two pages even though it  can all fit on one page.


      In the layout mode I can see two of the heavy squiggly lines (page margins ?) breaking up my page horizontally but I don't know how to move them out of the way. 


      Thank for your help.



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          Filemaker uses two things to determine page breaks and the "rope" lines you see in layout mode report the result of those combined settings.

          1. The current page size and orientation selected in print set up. (The options current when you entered layout mode--which may not be what's current when you actually print/preview/PDF from the layout.)
          2. Any margins and columns selected in layout setup...

          To move the "rope lines", you have to change either of those settings.

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            Thank you Phil,


            I used the layout set up and clicked "used fixed page margins" which are all set at around .25 but it still breaks up the page when printing. 


            I checked the page set up before printing and it is still set up for a full page 8x11 

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              Since I can't see your layout, I have to ask some questions just to rule out some obvious possibilities:


              How do you know that the fields should all fit on one page?


              Does your layout include large areas of white space at the bottom that you want to remove?


              Is there large amounts of white space showing when you preview or print the report where you expect the space to close up so that the data fits on one page?


              If all else fails you could try creating a new blank layout that refers to the same table, then copy over your layout objects from the original post a few items at a time, previewing the results before moving the next group of items. It may be that you layout is corrupted.

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                I have one field opened up a little smaller that a page with text about 2/3 down (about 6" ) but when I print it cuts it in half puts some of the text on a second page. The rope is right where it cuts it off. I  can't figure out how to move the rope out of the way. I have two horizontal ropes... one at 4.5 inches down and one at about 9" inches down. 


                I'll try that. I copied a layout when creating this one and it has taken the two ropes from that layout. You are right though. I think I could copy the field and objects and paste it into a new blank layout.